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Thermal stress and in particular heat during anthesis causes sterility in rice inflorescences. Rice spikelets open in the morning and close a few hours later. Genotypic variation in the time of day of anthesis is considered an escape mechanism from thermal stress, but little is known on its dependency on environmental
Flower development in rice can be divided into two big stages: pre-flowering ... Usually a rice flower is ready for fertilization 1 day before it starts flowering. ... Once pollen in the anther (male reproductive part) and the embryo sac in the ovule (female reproductive part) are fully developed, the next stage is flowering, anthesis.
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EMASCULATION AND POLLINATION TECHNIQUES IN CEREALS. 1. RICE (Oryza sativa) (2 n = 24) (Family – Poaceae). In rice anthesis commences shortly after emergence of panicle. Spikelets at the tip bloom first and proceed downwards. Anthesis time 8-10 am. Each spikelet remain open 30 minutes and then closes.
During seed development, transfers of K from leaf sheaths largely account for the K accumulation in the seed, explaining the often observed decline in K leaf tissue concentrations, particularly after anthesis. Potassium and Phosphorus Nutrition in Rice. On 11-12 April 1997, during the period of maximum anthesis, all stems
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Water deficits at the anthesis stage of rice ( Oryza sativa L.) induce a high percentage of spike and reduce grain yield. This study attempted to elucidate the direct effects of water stress exsertion, spikelet opening, and spikelet desiccation leading to spikelet sterility. A well-watered and two water stress levels were imposed in

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